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Jazz Fingerstyle On Acoustic


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Nice playing on your acoustic of "Darn That Dream"! I especially dig the bridge-you must have your action right where you want it-it's not easy to play jazz chords up/down the neck on any acoustic! Your Dell'Arte sounds good! That would also sound great on your L5, yes? I love the finger style approach…I do something similar on my Gibson Iron Mountain AJ acoustic with "Georgia" (finger style jazz). It's fun to play jazz on an acoustic, but it's harder for me, as I'm spoiled, playing with such low action on my vintage L5! I find playing acoustic makes my left hand stronger for playing electric. Post some more videos! Are you gigging out anywhere? You would sound great with just an upright bass player, doing first an acoustic set, then switching to electric. That's what husband Bob and I do on gigs…



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