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Joe Bonamassa With Kossoff's Les Paul


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Clicking on a couple of the related clips I found this one to be interesting as well;


FWIW I had a play on one of the Koss R-I's a couple of years ago and it sounded absolutely amazing.

A genuine 'Wow!' moment. Don't know why that should be the case but it was.


I couldn't in all honesty say I liked the neck-graft but as it's a replica I suppose there was no choice in the matter.



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Yes Pippy, I played one of the Koss VOS models when they were for sale (I think we may have discussed this before!) and it was fantastic. I very nearly bought it (I wish I had) I was thinking about it for quite a while but I wasn't sure that I could justify spending £5500 on a guitar just as I was planning early retirement. One hell of a guitar though!


Interestingly Arthur, the current owner of Koss's guitar says in another video on YouTube that he believes the guitar to be a 58 (it has no serial number due to part of the headstock being replaced) but Gibson's re issue's were advertised as 59's, so I guess they should know.



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