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Epiphone Joe Pass & Nick Valensi Riviera for sale


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I have these two guitars I need to sell.

Like new; both one owner; both with hard case.


1 - Nick Valensi P-94

s/n = 0902220026

Neck Pickup Gibson P-94R

Bridge Pickup Gibson P-94T

Grover tuners


1 - Joe Pass Emporer II

s/n = 0901213595

Pickups Alnico Classic™ Humbuckers

Grover tuners

post-69471-001730800 1418987916_thumb.jpg

post-69471-026262600 1418987930_thumb.jpg

post-69471-068797400 1418987937_thumb.jpg

post-69471-011533000 1418987951_thumb.jpg

post-69471-071971800 1418987962_thumb.jpg

post-69471-019172800 1418987968_thumb.jpg

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Interesting. This Valensi has a scarfed peghead. The specs called for a one-piece neck, and indeed my 2010 has a true one-piece neck (not even any wings!). Mine has the 21 code (Unsung-Korea), while this one has the 22 code (unknown Korean factory). Peghead shape & inlay are also a bit different.


I'm not questioning the authenticity of the instrument - everything else looks correct. I just find these factory differences noteworthy. Bottom line is, the Valensi with true Gibson P94s is a great guitar, and of course this model was preceded by the short lived Terada-Japan Elitist version.

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This is the link to the Epiphone page for it:


Interesting again. The web link does not mention a one-piece neck, but catalogs from this period do.


Reminds me a bit of how the Sheraton II went from a 5-ply neck, to a scarfed neck, and back to the 5-ply.


Listed specs can be a moving target.

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