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2003 Classic question


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Hi guys,

I'd like to buy nice Gibson and I'm considering '92 SG Standard.. or 2003 LP Classic.

The problem is that I do not know much about LPs. Are there any bad or good years for Classics? Do they have chambered bodies?


Also it's quite cheap and I wonder is it original guitar at all. A lot of hi res pics can be found here: http://imageshack.com/i/f06xTJeHj (browse right)



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It will not be chambered but it will be weight-relieved.


FYI pretty much every carved-top Les Paul guitar - re-issues excepted - built between circa 1982 and 2013 was weight-relieved apart from those examples from 2008 which were chambered.

The 2013 Traditional was the first USA-line LP to be solid-bodied for 30 years.

Arguably w-r makes absolutely no difference to end-tone.



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