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Epiphone es 333 tom delonge upgrade


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I wanted to upgrade a tom delonge signature with the following:


Switchcraft jack

CTS 500k pot

gibson abr 1 bridge

gibson stopbar tailpiece

TUSQ XL epiphone nut


Would making these upgrades be wise or it would it be a waste of time and money?


Waste of time and money...but, what else is $$ good for ? ? msp_confused.gif...you know...it's only paper...cool.gif



If you are happy with the results (it sounds to me like you did a bit of homework/research for upgrade/modifications), you'll probably never get (monetarily-wise) back what you put into it...but, if the modifications make it play, sound and feel better, and make you pick it up and plunk a few tunes out on it more than without doing any changes to it. Then, personally, to me, I'd certainly say it was "worth it" imho. To me, all guitars are a waste of time and money...I like wasteing time, and money, on guitars, modifications, amps and effects. But, that's just me.msp_blushing.gifblink.gif So many guitars...so little time...msp_razz.gif

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