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USA '61 Reissue SG - 2012 - White (NGD)

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Hi all. I just got a 2012 '61 RI SG, not a CS, just a Gibson USA, very nice axe. I have heard various things about these and wanted to see if I could get some accurate info.


For one thing, some say these are one piece bodies, some say it varies, some say only the CS RI's are one piece, some say the solid colors are two or three piece and the woodgrain (cherry etc) are one piece for the USA RI's. Anyone actually know the facts?


Mine has a RW FB. I actually thought it would be the baked maple, because it is a 2012, but nope. Is this true for all the '61 RI's, or did it vary?


Also, I sent a couple of emails to Gibson Customer Service via their website contact page, haven't heard a thing. Does CS actually respond to those?


I forget the S/N, but I'll edit and add it to this post when I get home tonight.


Here are a few pics:







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I've usually gotten replies from CS, but sometimes it takes a bit longer than other times.


I seem to recall that the Baked Maple boards were only on the standards, not the RIs


(I have a 2012 standard, and the fretboard is definitely not rosewood)

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Ask Charlie Brown. The faded 61 reissues had the baked maple I believe, they were not rosewood for sure. My white 61 RI might be two pieces but I'm not sure if that's the norm. I bet the glossy red ones were mainly one-piece, my 2010 Classic and my SG Original both seem to be one piece.

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