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Old Crate bass speaker


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This thing followed me home. It was buried in a back room of the infamous pawn shop. I doubt I've got $20 into it. It's got an Eminence 15 dated the 51st week of 1980. I'm not a fan of Crate amps but....$20...and it reminds me of my youth.


On the back it just says "Crate speaker enclosure", 4 ohms, 75 watts, serial number, and a model numer of 115B, and I assume the B means bass. It doesn't look like it would lend itself to being part of a bass player's rig but it really doesn't strike me as a PA speaker either.


I'm kinda thinking if I stumble on an old smaller amp chassis I might incorporate it or something. Cut the back and mount a chassis facing the rear, maybe put some casters on it, rub a little linseed oil on it.


I may anger future collectors of Crates but I'll take the chance.


And yes, the handle is on the SIDE. I saw one identical on ebay.



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