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My introduction to PRS guitars

Jimi Mac

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I remember coming across this album in my high school days and picking it up in cassette because I knew I liked Carlos Santana's work and it had Blues in the album title...


I was pleasantly rewarded for my singular fixation with anything Blues...


I can't tell you how many times I fell asleep to this playing in my Walkman...




His brilliance was utterly undeniable. I'd never heard anyone pick so fast, yet clearly, compared to the Yngwie brigade that was happening at the time that didn't set well with my Blues Votary nature...


The became one of my favorites too:




The utterly devastatingly effective Blues licks mixed in with the headier-notioned musical direction was simply awe inspiring to me.


Saw him at Live Aid (on TV, not in person) during one of those summers right around the time I bought the album and was thoroughly impressed beyond words. And he played with

@ Live Aid...
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Great stuff eh mate. Love the multitude of tones he gets in "Blues for Salvador". [crying]


Seriously great!


This album was a huge influence on me right around my senior year in high-school. It let me to go back and get many Santana albums and discover his earlier work and I had at least a half dozen of their albums on cassette and listened to them religiously to hear his guitar work. There's a ton of his work that is unheralded compared to the over-played cuts on FM classic rock stations.


I still haven't nailed-down how I feel about Neal Schon (from his early tenure in Santana, he was another of these 17 y/o phenoms and Carlos latched onto him after hearing him play) and his work, but Carlos totally inspires me...

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