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Great Find but bad timing


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So, I've spent the last week moving into an apartment in Osaka, Japan. Mrs and I wondering about the city and I stumble upon a huge guitar shop. In addition to the 2015 models which I have absolutely no interest in. (Are you reading this Gibson?) They have three, yes three, 2014 Traditionals (Midnight Manhattan (which I already have), an Ocean Blue, and a Tobacco Burst.And a 2014 Standard Plus Quilt Ocean Blue. But then sitting in front of them is a 2011 Traditional (Heritage Cherry Sunburst) with a big "USED" sign hanging on it. I looked it over high and low and it is in pristine condition. Approx $1100.I was ready to pull the trigger but for the fact I have a 355 on layaway and that payment closes next week. :) and :(


As the saying goes, if it is mean to be, it will be. I'll be going back in about ten days. If it's still there, who knows? I'm sure the 2014s won't be moving very fast so that's another option...

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