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Dave Grohl ES-335


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Managed to play this guitar last week, and it sounds great. A very distinctive sound, very powerful. The one I played was a metallic color, of which only 400 were made. I believe I played number 346. I will share some thoughts about this particular guitar, based on the hour I spent with it.



What I liked about the guitar:


1. Sustain

This thing has plenty of it. Your notes will hold their power for a relatively long time. I didn't time it exactly, but I wish I did.


2. Great sound

The ES-335 sounds awesome, and it has a very distinct sound that differentiates it from other 335s I have played. A very deep growl, is how I have to describe it.


3. Good looks

The guitar looks great. Some might hate the headstock, but I could live with it. The finish is excellent on this one!



What I didn't like:


1. Fingerboard and string spacing

For some reason, this fretboard felt very narrow. I am used to wider necks, so I had to adjust a lot here. But that's just personal.



What are your thoughts about this creature?

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I am waiting for my blue one to be done at Gibson. I have played one and love it. The tone is awesome/hot and the fingerboard seems fine to me (so did my Strat which was thin)!

That blue one is even more rare, right? As I said, that fingerboard thing is personal. As soon as I started to play Gibsons, I never liked my narrow fender necks anymore. But that's just me, mate. Enjoy your guitar when you get it!

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