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SG satndard 1991 with output on the front

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I bought this standard SG from 1991 according to the serial number 91211529. However, when I read description of 1991 SGs, people say that this model should have the output on the side, when on this one it is on the front. Does anyone know the reason for that, and is this a rare model or something else (fake?)


Thank you for your help


post-70570-017248800 1424170707_thumb.png

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Hello and welcome to the Forums.


I can only recall mid-80s SGs with side-mounted output sockets... There might be some Norlin-era specials as well, but most commonly, it's on the top of the instrument - as on Yours.


Best wishes... Bence

[thumbup] The only SG Standards I know of with jack at the rib are the 1980's models which also introduced the Nashville Tune-O-Matic to the model line. Some other SGs came that way like SG Supra and SG Diablo, but usually the SG's jack is on the top.

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