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What is the "AS" designation on my Epiphone Emperor Regent AS


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Good day...


Newbie on the forum...


Just made a trade for a 1994 Epi Emperor Regent. On the www-dot I located a great deal of info on the guitar...Peerless made instrument from Korea, etc. However, the manufacturer's label lists the guitar as an "Epiphone Emperor AS". What does "AS" stand for? Everywhere I have looked, this model is referred to as a "Regent".


Also, although I haven't found anything concrete on the subject, I assume this instrument is constructed from laminates - am I correct?


I am happy with this guitar...on the low end of the guitars in my corral - which includes a 1945 Epi Triumph - but the playability and tone are very nice.


Many thanks to you all...have a happy day.



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