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A little opioid dream...

Jimi Mac

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No, I didn't just stumble out of my local heroine den from an all nighter...


But I was again marveling at the Monster player that Frank Marino is! (still going strong and working alot)

Best known from his band Mahogany Rush, Frank could/should have been on the alltime list mentioned in every best guitarist conversation...


I think I may have already posted this here not all that long ago, but can't remember for sure, but I just love it!




Yes it's 26+ minutes, but worth experiencing every second of it!


It is a sublime expression of guitar musical genius and reverent tribute to avid SG players... (such as himself)


With his tribute nods contained within going-out to Robby Krieger; an avid and iconic SG player from The Doors with a tribute to his intricate Flamenco style laden "Light My Fire" passages, Carlos Santana's version of The Zombies "She's Not There" as Carlos was an SG player early on; see his Woodstock footage, Eric Clapton's Cream era "Crossroads" when he played 'The Fool" a custom hand painted SG, (even though Crossroads was apparently recorded with his ES335 from that era) and a clear reference and tribute to Dickey Betts and Duane Allman who shared SG duties on this Axe during their hey-day although I would suggest it was Dickey that was better known for his work on an SG... They did both share that axe...


It is simply a magnificent piece of work worthy of "alltime" conversations and recognition.


Frank Marino's entire career's body of work is sublime and a pinnacle of guitar playing and music arrangement.


Albeit sometimes complicated and rather "out-there," he's clearly in a league by himself and capable of almost anything...


Love it!!!

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