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I made a video of the Gforce in action.


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Great job. One of the funniest complaints I've read was a guy complaining that the G-Force does not tune accurately enough for a pro to use. [blink] I mentioned that it's accuracy was +/- 1 cent and the guy was like "Yea... no pro can play with a guitar that 1 cent out of tune!!"


Bizar how far some folks will go to find fault. [rolleyes]

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I tested it against a Korg Pitchblack.


Keep in mind that musicians used to use 12 string guitars before there were digital tuners. I doubt any of them could tune perfect by ear. Lead belly used a 12 string in the 1930s. It wasn't even an expensive 12 string.

Heck, I've heard Chuck Berry play a guitar 90% out of tune.

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