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Tottaly off topic... but in case anyone wants to...


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Oh... sorry... i forgot to place the pictures! (guess i made a total @ss of myself)... here they are...


Both are exactly the same on the outside.... in the inside, one has eminence governors and the other one private jacks (both eminence red ccoats).




and here is my guitar tech doing me the favor of testing te sound and integrity of the cabs (with a powerblock? i cant believe the guy)... you can actually see only his foot...




Just have to put the "OAG" logo and all the tags on them... then they are ready to go.


Here is a couple of them in my studio... (someone came to record some material yesterday and ended up buying the black/red one)



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Hi, the 1x12 is a 8ohm 120 watt closed back cab: the black and red 2x12 is an open back 150W (2 eminence red coat 75 W speakers) 16 Ohm cab, the 2 orange 2x12 have an open/closed back configuration (you can put the back in or out), and are 200 W 16 Ohm Mono/Stereo, with eminence 100W speakers (dont remember if red coat or patriot, but they have diferent model): the dark gray 4x12 is a 250W 8 Ohm cab, with 2 eminence red coat governors and 2 red coat private jacks.


Hand made in ecuador man... nice woods, lots of finishes, and 10 speaker models (1 celstion, 4 eminence red coat, 4 eminence patriot, and 1 eminence legend model) to choose from

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