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Late 30s ES150


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Hello, all. Looking for some help, please.


I've recently inherited a late 1930's model ES150 (with the accompanying EH150 amp). I sent pictures to Gibson and they confirmed that the serial number is consistent with a late 1930s instrument. Obviously, they won't tell me it's authentic based on pics but I'm pretty confident that it's real (for a variety of reasons including papers received with the instrument and other items inherited at the same time from the same person).


This instrument, unfortunately, has not been played much in the past 40+ years. What do I need to do with the guitar and amp to have them evaluated for playability and to ensure the electronics won't melt or catch fire? Can I contact Gibson and ask to have them evaluate/repair it? Is this a repair vs restore issue? What other options, if any, should I consider here? I'll freely admit I've not dealt with a vintage instrument like this before. As such I'm not really sure how to proceed. Also, it's a beautiful guitar! I'd love to be able to play it.


Thanks, in advance, for your help.

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congrats, that's a nice set to have.

I'm assuming the guitar has a Charlie Christian bar pickup @ the base of the neck and the input jack is located in the tailpiece.

the guitar would have a different pickup located near the bridge in late 1940/'41

does it have a tweed striped case that matches the amp?


the guitar can be tested, wouldn't be a bad idea to have a local reputable guitar tech check out the electronics, and set it up for playing, but I'd have a reputable local amp tech look @ the amp before turning it on as you can damage it if it needs repair.


post some pics here if you can, a pic is worth a thousand words.

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Thanks. Yes. Pickup is at the base of the neck and the jack is in the tailpiece. Unfortunately, it doesn't have the tweed striped case. I've seen those before and they are pretty sharp.


Here it is:









Yikes! That is a scary clean pair....OMG !

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Outstanding pair... =D>


Btw ,, I believe the redline case is a Rare item as well.



I dont think I would touch either one .. leave those both in there state.. a CC 150 is a cool guitar.. and the matching amp ...


Buzz at Lark street has one of those cc150s.. 4500.00 I bet yours is nicer..




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