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...continues to go unbelievably well.

As some of you know, this summer I purchased a used 2005 Epiphone Masterbilt.

This was my first acoustic. I had never really played one so it was a new learning experience.

It came with a high action and after my son gave it a complete set up including saddle shave, it plays really fine now, almost feels like playing an electric guitar which to me is awesome!

Of course bending the strings like I love to do on an electric is harder but I have adjusted and can bend them just enough for flavor.

What I am amazed at is the fact that every time I take it out of the case, she's dead on in-tune. Wish I could say that about all my electrics.

if I had to complain about one thing, and only one thing, it would be that the neck binding feels hard and sharp.

I had mentioned this in one of my very first posts, thought about sanding the edge down a little to round it a little but have not attempted this as of yet.

Otherwise I really enjoy playing this guitar.

It has such a glorious voice, not too booming but sweet and pleasant and noticeable.

I get really great recorded sound mic'ing with two Shure SM 57's one pointed at the bridge and one pointed at the 12th fret. Wonderful.

Would I have been just as pleased had I purchased another make or model?

Probably, but who knows.

I do know that I love playing it.

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