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  1. I put copper tape on the back of my 2019 LP Jr. Tribute and cut the little static pops I had. I did not try to run a fancy ground connection either, just taped as much as I could. Phones (think wifi and BT) in pockets and playing right up against the amp is not helpful either.
  2. Cool pup! How does it sound? Give us a demo and a review!
  3. FYI After a closer examination it appears that the white and blacks are jackets. Both contain a bare ground and a white wire which I believe to be hot based on where they are soldered to. Also, the black jacket is the bridge. Carry on.
  4. There are two P90’s in my LP yet I only see one black and one white wire coming from the hole leading to my control cavity. Is one wire a neck and the other the bridge? Which is which? Anybody ever take one or both soap bars out? What do the wires look like coming out of the pickups? I’m about to replace a bad selector switch. Thanks
  5. Had to see what all this P90 fuss was all about. Now I know. https://www.use.com/OiFbO
  6. Nice going OP. So this is an earlier EL-00? Cool. Is it a spruce topper? I see it comes with white tuner buttons in stead of the chrome Grover beans. How does t sound. Tell us more about it.
  7. I wonder if the original owner just put a decal on the headstock. It does look like a regular run of the mill EL-00 vintage sunburst.
  8. Well bust my britches. Never did before? Damn you Google Drive! Let me try another way. Hang on. Try this. https://www.use.com/OiE3d https://www.use.com/OiE3h
  9. Here are his pictures. Nice EL-00. https://drive.google.com/open?id=193HPTP2KsRO4StU00-E5a-17TMG5wqbA https://drive.google.com/open?id=1TUPQaCs8r5cwvdAZHupdaCiAOLZ3_Yks
  10. Is this section broken? When I open it it screams ERROR! Thanks.
  11. I actually really like these tuners. They so far have done a good job keeping my LPJ in proper tune. Thats why I was curious as to who made them.
  12. Thanks for that information, I appreciate it.
  13. Yeah me neither. Well the mystery remains.
  14. Thanks man. Do you thinks that Gibson would install Gotohs on a new guitar?
  15. Hello Gibson aficionados, Can anybody fill me in as to the make of tuners the Gibson Factory installed on my 2019 Les Paul Tribute Junior? They have no name on the back of the casing and are attached using pressed in sleeves instead of nut and washer. https://www.use.com/OiC0J
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