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'57 classic vs '57 classic plus


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Gibson does not state the output of both pick ups. I did see on an earlier posting a relative output overview, showing that what we already know, that is that the plus is slightly hotter.


I cannot measure output, what I can measure is DC resistance. I have one '57 classic that measures 8,2 in DC resistance. So, do I have an '57 classic or a '57 classic plus?


An interesting fact is that reviewers on Harmony Central come up with a wide range of DC resistances, all discussing the same pick up. Even when you look on ebay and they state the DC resistance, there is a big difference and when some one is offering a set, they will give different values for each PU. How is this possible?


Could anyone measure their PU's for me, and please state if your pick ups were replacement PU's or did you guitar came standard with them.


Thanks in advance for your help. Really appreciated!

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At 8.2K it is not a plus what is the measure between pole pieces? from center of pole piece 1 to pole piece 6. Classic 57s Plus are usually a bridge pickup so it may have wider pole spacing.


A Classic 57 Plus should measure around 10K.


Pickups are affected by different things, they don't all measure the same.


When I wax-potted and covered the pickups on my Explorer they dropped in DC resistance by about 1K. Electronically speaking it does not make any sense to me.

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