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How much worth is my Les Paul?


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Im already sad about it but unfortunately I probably have to sell my Les Paul to pay some important bills. I wouldnt have a clue how much its worth so if anyone could help me out with the value, that would be awesome!

The model is a 50th Annivesary 1960 Les Paul Custom 'Black Beauty' which you can find with that URL:



Thanks to everyone who can help me!


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Hello Stephan, sorry you have to sell your Black Beauty.


I think there will some members chime in who are more experienced than me in evaluating guitars. However, I want to remark that Les Paul Customs featuring an ebony fretboard like yours are more sought after than those with Richlite®.


Linking some hi-res pics of your actual guitar would be helpful, too, in order to take a look at the condition.


Good luck!

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Well really you have the same way of checking as we do...


You just have to look online on Ebay and whatever second hand item site and see what people are asking for them... That's the only real way to know....




Also I found this info here.. http://www.themusiczoo.com/blog/2010/50th-anniversary-1960-gibson-les-paul-custom-unveiled/


Following hot on the heels of the three 50th Anniversary 1960 Les Paul Standard models is the sister solidbody, the 50th Anniversary 1960 Les Paul Custom. Only 200 are being made for worldwide distribution. Aside from a new serial number sequence and a correct one-piece mahogany top, the real meat and potatoes of this edition is the presence of a 1960 slim taper neck. Black Beauty fans who would prefer the slimmer ’60s style neck, rejoice: this is your guitar. Our inside sources tell us that this neck will be most similar in feel to the “type 2” profile neck featured on the 50th Anniversary ’60 Standard, which Gibson describes as a “transition” shape between the chunkier ’59 profile and the very slim late ’60 shape. It’s a gloss finish only, 2-pickup configuration, and it comes in any color you like as long as you like black.


The Music Zoo will be a stocking dealer, we expect to have them in the store within 60 days. Retail is $7,059 with the MAP price coming in at $4,999.



So if that's right and there was only 200 made then really it should be just a bit less than retail if the guitar is in good condition cos a guitar like that generally holds its value.


Im no real expert though so maybe someone else will chime in who knows better than me.

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