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Authentic 1997 Gibson ES-335 Dot?


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I'm very sure I have an authentic 1997 Gibson ES-335 Dot guitar - but with all the counterfeit copies out there - you just can never be too careful.


Today, I decided to remove the pickups and truss rod cover to photograph the backside of the pickups, the inside cavities where the pickups fit, the end of the truss rod, the dot inlays, and the nut.


Also, I'm curios to know what type of pickups these are since the underside only has printed, "patent applied for". This is a 1997 ES-335 so I'd like to know if that patent was approved or not.


The center block of wood running down the inside middle of the body appears to have three pieces (that I can tell). There's a grooved top and bottom. You can see this best through the bridge pickup cavity hole (4th embedded picture below). This must be the kerfed spruce forming a sandwich with the maple center block in the middle. True?


Here are the pictures and links to Photobucket (I reached my limit of posting pictures in this thread - so I placed links showing the assembled body).




Front in case


On Amp - Body


On Amp - Body (zoomed out a bit)


Back Side


Pickups and Bridge


Photobucket Album - Page 1


Photobucket Album - Page 2


Photobucket Album - Page 3


Photobucket Album - Page 4


























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Looks genuine to me. Great looking Dot.


Pickups probably 57 Classic Humbuckers - came out around 1990 and were/are Gibson's recreation of their 1950s PAF (Patent Applied For) humbuckers. The original PAF patent was approve in 1962 or 63 and they were then replaced by the Pat. No. humbuckers.




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