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Gibson production history - database/books

Jens von Bust

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I have a handful of Gibsons. Among others one 1979 Les Paul Custom alphine white (now more creamy yellow), and a 1981 ES-347, also alphine white (now more creamy yellow).


Before we go on,

I have read "the history of ES", Wikipedia, this site and marshallampsforum sites.


What I miss is truly a trustworthy book/database that can actual tell me something of the design, specification and history for my guitar models. Does this exists?


The problem with internet is that there's too much information, and it's not consistent.


I.e my ES-347 white is a fairly rare thing. I've had auto search on fleebay for some years. I think I can report less than 1 a year.... Would be really nice to know the history behind the design, the amount etc.


Might be a shot in the dark :)


Cheers guitarlovin friends

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There are a couple shipping total books out there, but they only go up to 1979. Larry Meiners did a good job of redoing it about 15 years ago & it should still be a available. Gruhns Guide to Vintage Guitars does a good job of showing how the models transitioned from their beginnings to latter models & how to identify what year they are.

Jules has put together a great web site of info here also.


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