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AE LG2 vs. Waterloo vs. Larrivee OM-03


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I'm in

I currently have Gibson Songwritet and Collings SJ in rosewood. Looking for a smaller mahogany/Sitka to complement my other guitars.


Looking at American Eagle, Collings Waterloo, and Larrivee OM-03.


Will AE LG2 have volume and headroom of OM body?


Anyone tried Waterloo to compare to American Eagle?



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Not familiar with any American Eagle stuff..at all. I can't recall ever hearing about them.


As for the Collings stuff, the ones I have played have been excellent, and they have a well deserved reputation for being upscale versions of Martins. Judging from what I have tried, I tend to agree. Big time.


The Larrivee stuff (and I speak from experience), they do make "copies" of Martins, but they don't sound like Martins. They DO however, sound quite good. And, they DO have certain qualities of GOOD Martins that can be hard to find in even a Martin, and with more consistency.


Much of this is based on using the Martin OM- and OO- style as a basis, and what a GOOD OM is supposed to sound like. Much of it is opinion, however, also myself making the attempt to conform to "prevailing opinion" on what most consider a "good" and "proper" Martin 000 or OM sound.


If I am correct, comparing the particular Collings and the particular Larrivee is also two different price points?

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Good that you added the type of playing you do; the Collings Waterloo guitars are more designed to capture the sound and vibe of the 1930's Gibson L-00 for country blues/ragtime music. Might not be as versatile an instrument as the Gibson LG-2 American Eagle or the Larrivée. Especially if you opt for the ladder-braced version of the Waterloo.


Given the type of music you'd like to do with your little guitar choice, the LG-2 would fit the bill nicely. The Larry (which can come in rosewood, which some will say doesn't compliment vocal accompaniment like mahogany), while being a quality instrument, would have the satin poly finish, whose "swoosh" sound made when brushed up against on the top might make itself known if played in a quiet setting, or doing recording, let alone be less repairable than the gloss nitro of the LG-2 AE.


Good luck with your search.

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I have owned three LG2 American Eagles. One still remains... They are perfect singer-songwriter strumming guitars. With the right strings, they are warm and lush, and the neck is that wonderful Gibson C-neck.


Does it have headroom? Nahhh. not really. It does not break up, but then again if you are looking to play Pinball Wizard at full volume, this is not the guitar.


But if you are looking for soft singing strumming, it excels. With a capo, the guitar is a home run:


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