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The First SJ200?


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This is to be considered the real history of the J-200. It was written by Eldon Whitford. Eldon is one of the finest researchers available today. There are many great stories about the research and the folks that were interviewed. The folks that were interviewed would be a very interesting book by itself.


Gibson brought Scott Wartenberg and Eldon Whitford to Bozeman to conduct some interviews. Scott is a very fine musician and has a wonderful voice. He was a professional pilot working for a major airline at the time but was looking to advance his career as a Western singer in the same vein as his grandfather. After the interviews and a plant tour Gibson's General Manager gave Scott a Western Classic. Scott played "Back In The Saddle Again for the Gibson employees. it was quite a moment.


Another "back story" if you will. The very generous Whitley family gave Eldon Whitford permission to look thru the Whitley files. Eldon found the original hand written music that Ray had written for "Back In The Saddle Again". He also got the true story as to how and when the song was written. That is a book by itself.

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