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  1. I don't know if you still check in or not but I hope you're doing well. Personally I miss your input and wealth of knowledge.

    Take care.


  2. Hi -

    I stumbled across your profile and saw where you had some production info about the Gibson J-200 Jr.

    I just purchased what I think is a J-200 Jr. But it is labeled "J-200M."

    It was made in '91 and has koa back and sides. I can't find another one like it anywhere. Do you have any information on how many of these might exist or why its labeled J-200M if they were making J-200Jrs at the time?



  3. where are you????

  4. Just a last minute heads up for the folks. The "Gibson Homecoming" is this week-end. Several regulars are not going to make it this year for various reasons but one, Dave from Salt Lake , Came up last week-end to check in with old friends and go to Music Villa's anniversary party. It was great to have breakfast with him again. Dave always brings his Kopp guitars up so that Kevin can make adjustments and check them out. The Music Villa anniversary party was a very nice event. A bit bitter sweet as my long time pal Larry Barnwell announced his retirement from Martin Guitar. Larry will spen
  5. Nope...The codes are for internal use. Gibson has no ides why you would want to know.
  6. NH= Nickle Hardware. The case is separate and the designation for the J-45's cases is C-192
  7. Believe it or not he would be welcome here. We like everyone. If he comes I hope he brings the guy that plays the guitar for him.
  8. Nice photo. I am a little put out as we get our weather from the Pacific Northwest and it isn't anything like that. Last Sunday it was -39 degrees Fahrenheit here in Bozeman. We got so much snow that a roof collapsed at the University. You folks in the middle of the country better start rolling up your pant legs 'cuz when this record snowfall starts melting we are going to send it down to you. The Gallatin range(Bozeman ) is at 129% of snow pack and the Yellowstone is the same. This just means that we are snowed in and playing the "Snow Bound Blues". I had to take my snow blower out in th
  9. I have refrained from jumping in here but I will tell you this. You play guitar with a death grip. It's killing your guitars and now your hands are getting involved. The reason your fret boards are wearing out is because you are pressing down too hard. This will wear out your fretboard and it will play hell with your hands. Don't take my word for it just go down to your nearest guitar store and have them watch you play a bit. Either you guitar is set up wrong or you are just playing to hard. I have seen this a lot and it's a bad habit to correct. You just need to have the strings make contact
  10. The troll and his junk guitar are back. Sigh.. It was nice around here.
  11. If you look at page 14 of Gibson's Fabulous Flat-Tops you will see a photo on my Red J-200. It's not wine red but just plain old red.It's an oldie but a goodie with two band bridge and SORS pick-up.
  12. I appreciate the concern here. The simple fact is that a business doesn't wake up one day and say we're broke. Mars knew they couldn't sustain their business model for a couple of years. I had to go to Florida to quarterly meetings for several years and it was obvious to all in the meetings that it was only a matter of time before they had to close down. Guitar Center knew this and actively courted Gibson. Not that it made any difference. I loved going to the meetings as they knew how to treat a guy. They had a limo meet me at the airport and they had me in a very upscale hotel. The meeti
  13. What would really upset me would be if it melted off on my new $60.00 Levis.
  14. I will add a bit of reality here. There are some very fundamental issues here and they will need to be addressed and soon. First. Gibson cost averages their acoustic line. The J-45 is the pivot point. That just means this, The J-45 makes no money. It breaks even There is no one in Montana that knows this? The guys that are advising the new guy are doing him a big disservice. Hell it might even be intentional. There is very little difference in the cost of building a guitar. The time it takes to build a J-45 is the very same as the time to make a J-200 so the labor cost is almost the
  15. There are some misunderstandings here that I will address. It was stated that 2001 Henry started his relationship with Guitar center. Well a brief look at the record will show that Henry was in pretty deep with a company called Mars Music. Most here won't even remember them. They were a big chain of 50 stores in about 20 states. Many thought Henry was a silent partner in the chain so it seemed reasonable he had a huge presence in the company. This was 1996 In early 2001 Mars was struggling to keep the business going. They had expanded too fast and were under capitalized. BY 2002 they had
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