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1995 Gospel original string gage?


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I use Martin SP Acoustic Bronze Lights (12's) on my '94 Gospel. Sound great. It is worth noting that I had to raise the saddle and adjust the truss rod on mine to ensure there was no string buzzing on the upper frets. A number of Gospel Reissues I've played (well, not that many...but at 3) seemed to have had the same condition of "too low of a a saddle" which impacted the upper register. Part of this I think was players being only visually concerned with how high the saddle had looked and lowering it. My assessment is the way the Gospel Reissue is made it is likely meant to have a much higher than normal looking saddle on it than one is normally visually accustomed to. It is also a slightly narrower saddle..when I showed mine to luthier posing both as questions, he agreed based on the factory angle of the the body and the neck and the saddle slot. Just thought I'd share.


When properly set up, the Gospel Reissue is a bright and responsive workhorse of a guitar.



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