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335 body stability


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My 335 is very sensitive to my arm resting on the upper part of the body when playing. It doesn't take very much pressure before it's tuning is off. Are there some tricks to remedy this other than a very light touch? I was thinking stuffing some foam inside the guitar might help with the stability. Any ideas?



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It's very likely not about the guitar body but mainly the neck profile. Holding up fretting forces with the striking hand's forearm will bend the neck backwards and make pitches go sharp, pushing the neck with the fretting hand will bend it forewards and cause flat pitches. The softer the wood, the thinner the neck profile and the more accessible the neck joint, the more sensitively the guitar will react to forces between the player's arms.


The best way is to let the guitar dangle freely avoiding any force between left and right arms and hands. Either hands should do their jobs without interfering with each other.


Double-cut instruments like ES models and SGs typically call for more discipline than the classic single-cut Les Paul guitars. Being SG and ES player for more than thirty years, practically no other guitar can shock me anymore. [biggrin]

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