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How to sell pre-war AJ

Pre-war AJ

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There are many options available, but for a high value instrument you will need to have the monetary worth nailed down so you can negotiate in a fair-market 'ballpark'. Indeed there are collectors here, that if provided pics and details will help you with an idea about what you can expect to sell for. Perhaps someone here will be interested in buying. It's like selling any fine antique.


Buying and selling, sight unseen, and subsequent payment and shipping can be stressful aspects, but Reverb and Ebay offer some protection against these aspects, though with fees ( Ebay around 10%, Reverb at around 3.9, I think, the latter also offering you an option to circumvent Paypal which adds fees ). Listings are free on these sites and you can entertain offers to see what's out there without any risk.


The internet is a good research tool for tracking what some instruments sell for, as selling prices tend to reflect trends. You can ask whatever you want, obviously. Consignment dealers and auction houses are in the ridiculous 20-25% range.


You can also, and probably should, get a legit appraisal, via someone like Gruhn ( http://guitars.com/ ), and roll from there. If you live near large population centers where real music shops operate there will likely be knowledgeable vintage geeks who will lend you good info.


Pics and details posted here could certainly get the ball rolling, and maybe even a PM or two.


Best of luck.

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You have a very valuable guitar. The first thing you need to do is to get it evaluated by a very credible 3rd party. Gruhn would be a good choice -- are you anywhere near Nashville.


Gruhn would also take it on consignment -- he has a world wide reach, and could get top dollar -- but he will have a substantial consignment fee. That is safe, clean, and you get good money for the instrument -- but not absolute top dollar.


You might could get more through a very reputable broker like Jeff Spencer. If you want to talk to him, I can give you the number. We have a 36 AJ, and if I wanted a hassle free sale, I would call Jeff personally -- but I have no personal connection.


If you get a evaluation from a safe honest actor like George Gruhn, and post it and an asking price, you might get good offers from places like this. If I were to offer, I am sure it was more than you could get through a dealer -- and I might if I had enough information. Others probably would too.


There are other high end dealers that would also work -- but only a handful. If you go that way, choose carefully.


Good luck,



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You're exactly the person I had in mind to help him connect with a fair buyer. I'm thinking of offering a hundred bucks a month for the rest of my life, so you'd better get a move on.

I'll go $101/month - let the bidding begin...!

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