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Where to get vintage Les Paul parts


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Can anyone suggest a dealer or a resource to get vintage parts or at least original Gibson parts that will fit a 76 LP ? Looking for a set of creme back plates. I know there are some chinese ones on Ebay and such, Wanted to try to find the originals or at least OEM first.


thanks in advance.

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What makes you think the original ones were creme?


My '75 LP Standard (tobacco sunburst, creme pickup surrounds and pickguard) came with brown backplates to blend with the mahogany back.


Also, I would advise against buying ANY "vintage" plastic parts. Plastics are pretty unstable products. 70's plastic is certainly better than old Bakelite or celluloid, but most (if not all) plastics are subject to shrinkage, and becoming brittle over time, simply due to chemical composition.


High quality aftermarket parts are very easy to find and reasonably priced. I have been very impressed with the pickguard products I've bought through AllParts, and have also worked directly with the pickguard guy at WD Music Products on developing a replacement guard for the old Plexiglass Dan Armstrong guitar. I can tell you that if WD puts there name on it, it is of the HIGHEST quality.

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