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2017 Les Paul selection...


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I was wondering if anyone had heard some info or rumours regarding if there will be more finishes available to the 2017 lineup than those we have already seen.


I was pretty stoked to pick up a LP Studio, yet all the colour schemes are a tad radical for my taste, even if the winered one does not look all that bad. Seems like there were 12 different finishes available 2016. Now there are three. I have to admit to feeling a tiny bit disappointed, since the other changes are looking great in my book. As it is now, I am starting to worry that I either have to try and find an older model or wait a year. I guess I was mostly hoping for a vintage sunburst or something similar, since that 2016 model is a thing of beauty.

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I'm really eager for Gibson to release the specs and full outlay for these 2017's! So many nice and new models to look at.


I'm currently looking at several; might have to be a double-purchase year! Maybe one of those M2's or the Custom Special and then something big! The below are the ones I have an interest in, and I've added some thoughts about them from my POV.


2017 Les Paul Traditional T in Honey Burst or Antique Burst

Loving the change to the ABR bridge fitting, although that would be swapped out for a Faber part instead of the wired type. Not sure how I feel on the change to BurstBuckers from the trusty '57s that've been on the previous models. While no
relief and a big neck are good aspects, the lack of available finishes such as the classic Wine Red and others that are seen in previous ranges is a bit off-putting for some, I imagine.


2017 Les Paul Classic T in Ocean Green Burst

Also appreciating the
inclusion of the ABR on this model, and the locking tuners are a nice touch. Unless they decide to this in Wine Red as well; Green is the only option for me. The pickup choices are great with the '57s. My only wish is that that it had a neck profile like a '50s, closer to the Traditional than the Standard.


2017 Les Paul Custom Special and the 2017 M2 (S-Series)

I quite like these two, although there's not a lot of difference between them. I'd probably opt for the Custom Special over the M2 given the finishes available (Pelham Blue, Wine Red Solid and the copper-coloured Rose Gold finishes caught my eye). Depending on the sound of these new DS-C pickups, I would definitely consider this a good platform for modifications such as a pickup swap and some parts upgrades.


2017 Firebird T in Pelham Blue

It's nice to see that they've thought about the Firebird a bit more this year, and at least added one more finish into the standard lineup. They came out with a special edition 'bird in 2016 with a Lyre tailpiece in that Pelham Blue, which was a nice touch, so it's good to see this one available, and at a relatively decent UK


2017 Flying-V T in Alpine White

Glad to see the T-range
comes with a hard-case this year; the 2016 had a smaller body shape and didn't come with a hard-case unless you got the HP version. The altered size meant an aftermarket case that fits the guitar like a glove would be an impossibility without something custom made. The Dirty Fingers pickups are a nice change from the overly-harsh (IMO) ceramics they've put in recently. The use of Granadillo will help keep the costs low, although I would have liked to see fretboard binding.

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Has anyone out there tried out one of those Custom Specials yet? There's one at the Hollywood Guitar Center... thinking of checking it out tomorrow.


But if anyone has anything super-negative to say about them, then maybe I won't waste the gas going down there. [rolleyes]

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