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Free Compressor Plug-in


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Hi everybody, been quite lazy participating in this forum aside from reading and listening to stuff lately, but I thought all of you who record their stuff on your computer might find this interesting.


Cakewalk (by the way a devision of our beloved G-Brand) gives away a nice compressor plug in for free.


Here's a link




This thing sounds quite good and will be an upgrade from anything that comes with programms like garage band or the like.



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Littlejohnny thanks for the tip!


For those using ProTools here are a whole bunch of studio-grade plug-ins that are free for use and the demo period never expires. The only catch is that you can't save the settings between uses: you'll have to write down where you had the knobs set. But these are truly pro-caliber plug-ins.


Massey plug-ins

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