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What's up bologna breaths?


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New here. I own two Gibsons that normally initiate a scoffing reaction, but I don't give a single hoot. I have a Les Paul Futura(in which I have removed the stupid robot tuner) and a Firebird Zero 2017 because I'm on a budget, but still like nice ****. I want to strip the Firebird in a spot or two so it looks more rugged and less like a lady... however, it's a glue in neck and I am afraid to apply heat to the guitar. Any constructive input may result in me packaging and shipping a smooch to one lucky gentleman.



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Hi and welcome.



You wish to make your nice, new, shiny Firebird look like it came from the Fender Roadworn Home for Guitar Abusers?

Okey-Dokey. Your guitar = your choice!


First-off Gibson use nitro-cellulose lacquer which is very easily damaged so you want to be extremely careful which chemical produ.......erm.

Ah. No. You don't; do you?


Tie it to the back of the Gig-Wagon on the way to the next knees-up but don't drive too fast as the bouncing of the tuning pegs might damage the highway in which case you could end up with a fine from Them Upstairs.


Alternatively use an orbital sander to target the areas you want to 'adjust'. Less haphazard than the 'Trawler' method but, hey, you can't have everything in life. A cabinet scraper hand-tool might come in handy, too. Once you have achieved the preferred level of disaster simply finish with 0000-grade steel wool.


If none of that is even remotely appealing then you could do a lot worse (and you probably will!) than watch Gibson's own choice of wrecker/age-finishing-guru, Tom Murphy, who uses all sorts of interesting weapons to get the desired effect. There are seven vid clips all told but, arguably (and to bring Bond.JamesBond into the post), nobody does it better.


Here's a link to the first;



We usually have a maxim which goes 'Pics or it didn't happen' which, under the circumstances, might be a welcome result from the point of view of those with a sensitive disposition..........msp_biggrin.gif



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