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SG classic pickguard and neck pickup cap


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I would like to replace the pickguard on my SG Classic and wondering where I could buy that.

I have tried a search on gibson.com but it returned nothing.

I am also looking for the neck pickup cap.


It would be great if someone could point me on a link to buy those two items.


Thanks a lot


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If you can't find one off the shelf, try Pickguard Heaven (Chandler Music) . I've used them to make me one for an Explorer and they did a good job. It takes a couple of weeks but you can get it made using the material, thickness, color, etc. that you want. If they don't have the exact type you need, they can make it from a tracing of the original.


BTW, I have no affiliation with them. I am just a happy customer trying to be helpful.



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