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1959 ES 330T


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Calling all Gibson Yoda Masters,


I own a 1958/59 ES 330T. Beautiful Instrument. Pristine for her age. I purchased it in the late 70's. When I purchased I was told it was a "58" I doing some research, I read somewhere that there was late 1958 early 1959 production on this guitar. It has the very thin Dot Neck.


I am trying to get the exact vintage date from the Serial Number stamped inside the body. I've been searching the many Gibson Serial Number sites but cant seem to find the numbers. There is no Serial Number on the Head Stock. The only identifier is an ink Stamp inside each F Hole. One Marked "ES330T". The other is:" R4566", followed by a space, then the numbers "20"


Looking to get a Valuation on the Guitar for Sale. She deserves to be loved by someone who will play her. She is 1 of 349 Produced in 1959


I've attached images of this Model. This in NOT my Guitar, but mine is exact to this in condition as well.


Thank you for any info you might be able to provide


Thank You



Malibu, California





1959 Gibson ES-330T


Constructed with the same body shape as the legendary ES-335T (but hollow bodied rather than semi-solid) the ES-330T was originally introduced in 1959 as a replacement for the single cutaway ES-225T. The single P-90 pickup version was discontinued during 1963, but the model remained in production until 1972.


This first year variant of the ES-300T is characterized by its dot-inlaid fingerboard, rounded 'Mickey Mouse' cutaway horns and black plastic-covered P-90 pickup. Otherwise, the model did not undergo any real modifications until 1962.


It was offered in sunburst and natural finishes originally, but during 1960 the popular cherry red finish was substituted for the natural finish.

100% clean and original.


1 of 349 made in production year.

post-83474-054635100 1483836022_thumb.jpg

post-83474-091042600 1483836053_thumb.jpg

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I'm not the best source on this, but here goes: Apparently your inside orange label is missing - which is where the serial number would've appeared. Maybe it's still floating around in the body.


The stamped number on the inside back is a FON (Factory Order Number) and AFAIK the "R" indicates 1960, followed by a four-digit batch number, and then a two digit count number.


Not sure on this, but someone with more knowledge will probably chime in to clear up the production year for you.


You might want to also post your request for info in

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... "R" indicates 1960...


Indeed correct, "R" is the letter code for 1960, and therefore not 1 of 349 produced in '59 (although my records show 780 ES-330's in '59), but one of over 2400 from 1960.


Economy model Gibson's of the era did not have paper labels, only the ink stamped numbers as described.

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