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I have posted this in both lounges, need advice.Ok, I've had my hummingbird pro now for about a three weeks, and each day her voice is coming into her own. Now my problem the strings from the factory are D'Addario® 12, 16, 25, 34, 41, 5, I am not satisfied with these strings, do any of you have a recommendation on another set to try? They seem to be losing their tone, and sounding a bit dead. Any suggestions will be considered. Other than that I really enjoy playing her.msp_confused.gif

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....I'll repeat my reply here.


For long lasting/good sounding strings try some Elixr Nanos (light gauge are 12s). they are treated/coated, and they will last like.. forever... Seriously, I can get 6 months out of them easy.


a few other sets I've come to like using on my acoustics


Gibson Masterbuilt PBs (I get about 8 weeks out of them)

DR Veritas (seem to go for about the same amount as the master builts)

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