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Guest Steve Norris

I purchased an old guitar from guitar center Asheville yesterday that was in pretty bad shape but I couldn't resist the price. They had it labeled as a 60s LG-1 but after further research and the fact that this one has x bracing instead of ladder has me assuming it's an LG-2 or an LG-3 maybe? The body finish is sanded of so I'm not sure if it was the sunburst of the 2 or the natural of the 3. I would like to know a rough estimate on year and model if anyone could help!






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I'm no expert but from my research -


No stamped headstock means pre '61


No letter preceding the FON number pre '52


No banner headstock rules out the war years


Block logo means '48 or later


This narrows it down from '48 to '51


4052 would fall into the 1950's per below


You may want to post this in the Acoustic Lounge and get more responses and better identification


Year Factory Order Number

---- --------------------

1941 G (letter code sometimes seen after FON, i.e. 2586G).

1942 907, 910, 923, 2004, 2005, 7000ish (i.e. 7119) - all 'Banner' logo.

1942 H (letter code sometimes seen after FON, i.e. 7116H). Range 5xxxH to 8xxxH

1943 Range generally 9xx to 22xx, depending on the model.

1944 Range generally 22xx to 29XX, depending on the model, some with no FON.

1945 1xx to 10xx, but many with no FON.

1946 n/a ('Banner' logo no longer used, now script logo with no banner).

1947 700s to 1000s

1948 1100s to 3700s ('Script' logo no longer used, block logo used.)

1949 2000s

1950 3000s to 5000s

1951 6000s to 9000s









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I'd make an educated guess that it's from 1950. Whether it's an LG-2 or LG-3 shouldn't be hard to determine, providing the top binding conforms to alleged factory specs (not all do). If the top is triple-bound, you have an LG-3 for sure. If not, it's most likely an LG-2.

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