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Buc McMaster

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Here's a short pick comparison video, strumming a verse of Ramblin' Man for each of seven different picks in my quiver. Two groups, pointy-ish styles and rounded styles.....


Red Bear Big Picker

They just call this one "heavy", probably 1.8-1.9mm. A hard material that can sound somewhat glassy at times with a pointed shape.

Dunlop Ultex 1.14mm

Not among my favorites. A little too thin with a very click-y sound for me.

Art Deco Trias 1.25mm

A recent acquisition, I like it more on the Hummingbird than the J-45. A bit shrill sounding but somehow balanced pretty well with a nice clarity.

Blue Chip TP 50 1.29mm

I do like this one but prefer the TPR with the rounded edge. This material is obviously warmer than the others so far.

Red Bear Mando 1.50mm

This was my pick of choice when I played the Martin D-18V I used to own. Not so much on the Gibsons. Same material as the first pick.

Blue Chip TPR 50 1.29mm

So far my favorite for the J-45 and the Hummingbird. Warm and full with no shrill trebles.

Blue Chip TPR 60 1.54mm

Warmer still than the 50 above with more power.




Pick Shootout Video


Any thing jump out at you?

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Works now. Had to reload the video as the original audio was a bit over-driven.


The Golden Gate is very much like the Red Bear Mando pick, almost an identical shape.........plastic vs. animal protein. The Golden Gate is a little warmer than the Red Bear due to the material.

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