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I know this wasn't the question, but I use LaBella strings on my jazzboxes (well, all my guitars for that matter). I would HIGHLY recommend you check out their strings, they have a flavor to suit any and all tastes, styles and guitars.


I use the black nylon tape wounds, https://www.stringsbymail.com/la-bella-black-nylon-tape-wound-800-electric-guitar-medium-14-67-4563.html, but they also make standard flatwounds, https://www.stringsbymail.com/electric-guitar-strings-8/la-bella-404/jazz-flats-687/.


StringsByMail.com is where I get mine.

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Had a brief flirtation with D'Addario flats a while back....


Felt very good under the fingers....reverted to wounds for the brighter spread of tone....


Have read that chromes in general are quite hard on the frets....





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