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  1. Has anyone tried this bridge https://www.guitarfetish.com/Xaviere-Roller-Bridge-for-Vibrato-System--Fits-Telereg_p_4418.html Or the Wilkerson? https://www.guitarfetish.com/Cutaway-Wilkinson-Compensated-Bridge-Brass-Saddles-Gloss-Black--Fits-Telereg_p_1806.html
  2. Not a bad looking guitar, how do they play? Some of the Squire Teles aren't too bad, especially the classic vibe models.
  3. My old friend John Bolin makes a decent Tele, good enough for Billy Gibbons and Keith Richards
  4. Slick makes the least expensive Tele and Strat (And just about everything) copies available and from the reviews I have seen they are decent axes https://www.guitarfetish.com/SL51_c_668.html
  5. You can't beat Fujigen build quality, they are awesome guitars
  6. The C-8 is a sweet ride, and will be a classic, but be aware as with most first generation cars there might be some issues that will have to be dealt with,. Chevy has taken care of the "frunk " problem, ( the trunk is in the front, and the electric controlled latch can let go at high speeds) . But now GM is recalling most 2020 V-8s including the C-8 due to weak valve springs which can cause total engine failure, apparently they received a bad batch from a supplier. It only affects some motors so check with the dealership. Then, drive it like you stole It! https://www.corvsport.com/general-motors-issues-service-bulletin-for-faulty-v8-engine-valve-springs/
  7. RIP EVH, Innovative, creative, iconoclastic are over used words that have been used to describe those rare artist who appear once in a generation, if we are lucky. Eddie was all that and more, perhaps an reincarnation of Paganini, or Amadeus, or an accumulation of the spirits that many great masters have tapped into over the millennium, who knows. He was just a kid who loved to play, like so many of us, like so many icons, Atkins, Hendrix, Montgomery and others who took a simple instrument and took it to places nobody had imagined before. He is now on to another plane, God's Speed, EVH, We miss you already and forever, see you on the other aide
  8. Well done! I enjoyed the video and the music very much,
  9. This is the same method recommended by Martin and it works well
  10. I see what you mean, if I were in need of mucho pedals I'd use it too
  11. I like it as well, here is another test drive video, don't know what the guy is saying, but I like his playing,,,
  12. Cali's Mustang sounds good too,
  13. Back in the day (pre 1975) for me it would have been Pall Malls , or Lucky Strikes I hated filtered cigs.
  14. Agreed, they have an almost global cult following which is quite an accomplishment considering they never had a hit single on am or fm radio, and they did this before YouTube and the internet, They are very popular in Japan for example.
  15. I like the way Andy incorporates sustain into his melodic style, very smooth transitions,
  16. From their 1977 BBC Sight and Sound show
  17. This awesome group of talented musicians have always flown under the radar of mainstream pop music, unlike Pink Floyd , but IMO Camel was as good as any of the 60s and 70s bands that explored far edges of mindbending music.
  18. And right on que, I just saw this today https://theseconddisc.com/2020/09/10/stand-next-to-your-fire-unreleased-jimi-hendrix-recordings-arrive-on-live-in-maui-album-and-film/
  19. Welcome home Retire, last year I was having trouble with vertigo and hearing issues, so I can relate to the "fuzzy" headed feelings. The good news is that your ok and still picking!
  20. I've lost more than a few friends to dope and the peripheral world of drugs. I know of four from my high school class that were gone within a few years after graduating, (1968) . The guitar player in one band was shot in the back over a drug deal gone bad, that was in 72, One guy I knew was a Navy Corpsman in Nam, got strung out on morphine over there, never really got better, died 15 years later, I've lost a cousin to it, and watched my niece just about ruin her life on crank, her son has dealt with heroin addiction his entire life, he's nearly 30 now, trying to stay clean and out of prison. I hope he does, I pray he does, but I wouldn't trust him further than I could kick a brick. In my experience, tough love is the only thing that works. You have to be there for them, but you can't play the game, . It isn't easy or fair.
  21. These are very innovative ideas, and not just marketing gimmicks, good to see creativity is still alive
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