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  1. Listen to the entire arrangement of the Streets of San Francisco, It's really a big band jazz masterpiece
  2. Look up Patrick Williams, he has passed away, but he was the most prolific of writer arrangers directors of movie and tv sound tracks, SCORES & PARTSAVAILABLE NOW VISIT THE STORE PATRICK WILLIAMS MOMENTS IN TIME GET THE LATEST UPDATES FROM PATRICK WILLIAMS VISIT THE BLOG ABOUT PATRICK WILLIAMS Musician/Composer/Educator Having composed the music for over 65 feature films, 100 television films, 25 television series, as well as 19 albums and 30 concert works, Patrick Williams has established himself as one of the most accomplished and prolific composers in the music industry today. He has received four Emmy awards with twenty-two nominations and two Grammy awards with twenty-one nominations, two of which come from his latest release, “Home Suite Home”. He has also been nominated for both an Academy Award and the Pulitzer Prize in music. He is a recipient of the Richard Kirk Award from BMI and the Golden Score Award from the American Society of Music Arrangers and Composers. Born in Missouri, Williams grew up in Connecticut and received a degree in history from Duke University. His first love, however, was always music, and when he went on to Columbia to study music composition and conducting, his passion became his profession. He quickly became busy as an arranger in New York, and then in 1968, he moved to California to pursue work in the film and television industry while continuing to write and arrange jazz albums.Proficiency in composing for symphony orchestras as well as jazz bands has offered Williams an opportunity to create a wide variety of works. Among his critically acclaimed compositions are An American Concerto, a piece featuring a jazz quartet and symphony orchestra, for which he received a 1977 Pullitzer Prize nomination; Gulliver, featuring a symphony orchestra with narrator, for which he received a Grammy nomination (narration by Larry Gelbart and performed by Sir John Gielgud); Suite Memories, which features a solo trombone with symphony orchestra and won a Grammy award; Theme for Earth Day, an overture, recorded by the Boston Pops; Spring Wings, a double concerto written by saxophonist Gerry Mulligan and pianist Dave Grusin with symphony orchestra; Romances, a concerto for jazz saxophonist Tom Scott and orchestra; A Concerto in Swing for big band and clarinet, which was dedicated to and premiered by Eddie Daniels; Adagio for Orchestra composed in 2004; and August composed in 2005. He recently completed a ballet, Ziji, with choreographer Edgar Zendejas to honor the 60th Anniversary of the College of the Fine Arts at the University of Utah.Some of Williams’ big band recordings are considered classics of contemporary big band instrumentals, such as Threshold for which he received a Grammy in 1974; Too Hip for the Room, for which he received a Grammy nomination in 1983; Tenth Avenue which received a Grammy nomination in 1987 and Sinatraland, a big band tribute to Frank Sinatra for which he received a Grammy nomination in 1998. In 2006, he received two Grammy nominations for the album Elevation with Tom Scott and Eddie Daniels.In September 2001, he won an Emmy for his song, “A Dream That Only I Can Know,” from the film, Yesterday’s Children. In 2002, he received an Emmy nomination for his score for “We Were The Mulvaneys” and a Grammy nomination for “The Theme from Blonde” from the sountrack album for the TV miniseries Blonde, a portrait of Marilyn Monroe. In 1992, Williams won the Emmy for the mini-series “Jewels”. He has composed and arranged themes and scores for television series including The Streets of San Francisco, Lou Grant, The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd, the Mary Tyler Moore Show, the Bob Newhart Show, Columbo, Slap Maxwell, The Tony Randall Show, and the Magician. Recent television projects include Hercules, starring Sean Astin, The Perfect Husband: The Laci Peterson Story; When Angels Come To Town and Finding John Christmas starring Peter Falk; James Patterson’s First to Die; Power and Beauty;The Thin Blue Lie; The Three Stooges with Michael Chiklis and A Cooler Climate starring Sally Field and Judy Davis. Of the 65 plus films Williams has scored in his career, a few include Breaking Away, for which he received a 1978 Oscar nomination; All of Me, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, Swing Shift, Cuba, Violet’s Are Blue, Casey’s Shadow, The Cutting Edge, Cry-Baby, and The Glass Harp.Williams is also an accomplished arranger with extensive credits. The album, For Ella featuring Patti Austin, which he co-produced and arranged, was nominated for a 2003 Grammy for Best Jazz Vocal album. He was chosen by Frank Sinatra to act as Musical Director/ Arranger- Conductor for his final studio recordings, Duets and Duets II. He has arranged recordings for Michael Bublé, Jack Jones, Andrea Bocelli, Paul Anka, Peter Cincotti, Natalie Cole, Neil Diamond, Gloria Estefan, Michael Feinstein, Vince Gill, Amy Grant, Thomas Hampson, Barry Hay, Monica Mancini, Barry Manilow, Bette Midler, John Pizzarelli, Brian Setzer, Barbara Streisand, Traincha, and Russell Watson
  3. Is she the one with " GOODYEAR " Tattooed on her sides?
  4. The quest for the perfect tone , ah yes, in my youth I spent hours, even days, visiting music stores and dusty pawn shops, trying multiple combinations of guitars, pedals, amps. Scrounging through obscure records in shops that sold used, often donated goods, suffering through scratchy warped records, listening , hunting, waiting for that magic instant when I would hear the holy trail, that magic tone that would define my sound. I'm much older now, wiser (says me) , now I just turn down my hearing aids and don't give a damn!
  5. The head stock on the upper neck is black, the lower head stock is blond. Maybe a repair or a special order?
  6. I haven't seen one of these for years, looks a little over priced, but they ain't making these anymore, https://boise.craigslist.org/msg/d/middleton-1966-mosrite-joe-mephis/7148404536.html
  7. How about Lollar's ? Jason makes killer minis and soap bar P90s,
  8. Sweet axe! White on black, looks like a tuxedo! You should post a video of you in a tux playing it...
  9. Talking about the Dual Showmans, those could melt hair. I saw Blue Cheer with Eric Burdon and the Animals (that was what they changed the name to just before they broke up) , at all places a drive-in theater in Palm Springs, it was an all day festival, the forerunner to what has become Coachella music festival. This would be 1967 maybe 68,. We parked outside the Drive-in and sat on the rises next to the speaker posts, laid out blankets, and rocked out p, the headliners took the stage after dark and they was a light show on the screen, groovy stuff man! One of the other acts was Sweetwater, they went on to play at Woodstock, I think they played the first night
  10. You probably started a fair amount of sand storms with that set up!
  11. Terry Kath is a good comparison to Hendrix as both so much talent and more potential, I like many of my generation were close in age to the artist that emerged during the 60s and since. ,it is looking at a black and white snapshot from a time long removed from the present. And the artist that died young are frozen in time. Cut down and therefore locked into that level of artistry they had reached. Think of Prince, had he joined the 27 club, (died at age 27) look what we would have missed. And he would have been one of those black and white snapshots forever frozen in time. Hank Garland, perfect example, he was on top of the world, no question one of the hottest players, in demand by all the biggest stars of the time a car accident leaves him crippled with a severe brain injury. He lives in obscurity and fades away. Had it not been for that crash, the sky was the limit,. It's just the way it is, guys like Hendrix are so much more rare , not because they played well, it was an entire package, The Experience. He changed the way other artist approached music. Technically he still had room for growth, that was part of the intrigue of Jimi, we all knew he was going to blow our mind with his next release. Till he couldn't, so now he is the bell bottom wearing whah whah guy with stacks of Marshall amp and flaming strats Showmanship was his power, sadly his snapshot will always be what is in the four records he released. Same with Kath. Garland, Morrison, and others
  12. Should all the Asian people name Li or Lee follow suit?
  13. Aaron Thibeaux Walker AKA T-Bone Walker , the man who inspired BB King and Chuck Berry to play guitar is also the man from whom Hendrix learned the trick of picking with his teeth.
  14. The A system of grading wood is used on other than flamed wood, it is better explained on this link https://www.timbretone.com/GradingSpruce.html As you can see, it is also used for grading all types of tone woods Here is another informative source about tone wood grading https://www.lmii.com/blog/2017/10/07/wood-grading/
  15. I hear the Biden campaign has hired Ozzy to translate Biden's rambling .....
  16. The greatest what if question, what would Hendrix have done had he lived? Man, he had so much more in him, legal issues and drugs did him in. These two guys put a different perspective on it,
  17. And it's untimely fate..... https://www.guitarplayer.com/gear/what-a-counterfeit-gibson-les-paul-custom-is-actually-like
  18. Well. The last thing you look for in a deodorant is something associated with death, But our deodorant , hmmm, you'll smell like The Dead! Might be a hard sell
  19. Really? First he lost his voice, and now his mind Van Halen legend David Lee Roth announces he’s changed his name, The former Van Halen front man now wants to be called “David L. Roth” or “El Roth.” The change was inspired by the current movement in the music industry to disown words having to do with the slavery that existed in the South — which comes in response to the Black Lives Matter protests that rose up after the death of George Floyd. https://www.mercurynews.com/van-halen-legend-david-lee-roth-announces-hes-changed-his-name
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