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Attempting to date a early 1970s gibson

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Morning to all, Hopefully someone can assist me with finding the age of a guitar I recently received.

I ended up with a Gibson Les Paul Triumph from what I understand.

when I took it to a local shop they determined that they did not know what year it was built. Thus here I am

The serial number is 050462 with Made in the USA stamped below it on the headstock.

I am including photos.

What I am looking for is the official date (so it can be aged) and possible value. I know that true value is

based on what someone would pay for it but my insurance company wants to know for replacement value. post-84837-061462900 1491314864_thumb.jpg

Any and all info helps. Thanks

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POT CODES???? Whats that?

Pot is short for potentiometer.. Or in plain English the volume and tone controls :)


Take the control plate off and have a look at the pots there are often date codes on them..

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