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Rivolta Combinata (Fano)


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Interesting.. Does sound good... I don't like those full width MOP inlays the rest is kind of funky though.


The model is the latest creation from American luthier Dennis Fano, who made his name with über-hip axes that mashed up various vintage guitar designs with gleeful abandontheres combinata for you! And Rivolta exists thanks to a revolt of sorts against traditional guitar retailing: After selling the still-extant Fano Guitars brand, the luthier partnered with the Eastwood Custom Shop, which financed the Combinatas development via crowd funding and pre-orders. Also, Asia-made Rivoltas are substantially less expensive than U.S.-made Novo earlier creations.


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I love it!

I love the Lake Placid Blue Adriatic Blue one especially and I absolutely LOVE the full width MOP inlays, too!




Seem to be around the £1100 - £1260 mark (finish dependent) in the UK.



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