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Busy couple of weekends coming up...


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My wife has been a very good sport lately. The next few weeks are going to test her limits with me I think. :rolleyes:


On Friday after work, I'll have to rush home, pack the truck and some clothes and hit the road for a 3-4 hour trip to Ocean City MD. I will stay at my friends place down there, and early Saturday we get up to play a few sets of music at the Salisbury Airport Wings and Wheels air show. After we play, we'll probably hang around and enjoy some of the activities there. But, I can't stay too long because I have to drive back home to play our first gig on Sunday with another band. ( These are some of the guys I met when I sat in at the Stanstock festival in September). However, this gig is an hour from my house in the other direction. #-o It should be a blast though, because these guys expect a huge turnout of their friends and family.


Back to work Monday-Wednesday.


Then, early Thursday, me and some of the same dudes who played the air show, will be leaving for Cumberland MD to attend 4 day music festival called Delfest. Four days of partying and music and sleeping in a tent! At night it will be acoustics around the camp-fire. Hoping for clear weather. [-o<


I'm sure after I get back, my wife will have no sympathy for how tired I'll be. I'll still be expected to do all the grilling on Memorial Day. B)

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Sounds like fun. Good luck on your gigs.


I have a pretty slow and relaxing week in Destin, Florida. I brought my acoustic guitar and looks like we'll have rain a couple of days so I'll be playing a few hours.


The cool thing for me about coming to the beach this week is that we get back home Saturday and still have two days before I go back to work.

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