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So has anyone seen anything of Joe Popp and his motorcycle tour? He had plans of going to every state on his motorcycle. I was hoping to ride with him in Montana then he sort of fell off the radar.


I got a little worried when his map of the journey had a lot of back tracking and made no sense. I offered him a place to stay while in the Bozeman area but never heard anything. He was taking his J-200 and wanted to do a tour of the plant. It would be a fun thing to do and I hope he is on his way here but haven't heard a thing. If anyone knows about the tour and could supply any info that would be great.


I was hoping he could make it for the Homecoming and sent him and invite but have heard nothing.

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He is updating his facebook often (last a few hours ago)




He typically responds to facebook messages very quickly - must have it on his phone and person. Try there maybe?


I think he is in Florida now... St Petersburg.





Alternatively, I think this is his email



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