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Goodbye Rosalie,


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Rosalie Sorrels passed away Sunday at the age of 83, but what a life she lived. Her lofty circle of friends included Ken Kesey, Thompson S. Hunter to Jimi Hendrix and Pete Seeger and Guy Clark, She performed with Utah Phillips Joan Baez was and inspired anyone who loved music, as well as a certain drummer and part time picker who knocked around Grimes Credk, night clubs and casinos of the Rockys and beyond back in the day and became friends with David, her son.

Pete Seeger once said Rosalie was the finest singer he ever listened to. Louden Wainwright III was one of her best friends and found inspiration in her talent for songwriting and poetry.

Well Rosalie, say hi to David, he was a good soul, you will finally see him again. This is one song she wrote about David after he took his own road home.

God Bless.

RIP Song Catcher,



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