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Just got in from an Exhibition...


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Don't know if there's been a thread on this before - I couldn't see one - but for those even remotely interested in Pink Floyd and are within hailing distance of London you REALLY need to see this show. Loads and loads of interesting film clips / interviews / performances. Fantastic collection of artefacts; brilliant sets; well over than a dozen original Waters & Gilmour guitars and some painstakingly crafted re-creations such as Syd's 'Mirror-disc' Esquire. Great music, too...

Brilliantly executed (they are activated by proximity to whichever screen you are near) individual 'personal tour-guide' black-box-with-headphones set-up to tell you the story behind each display.


My own personal stand-out was seeing the authentic 'Black Strat' up close and personal. Gilmour's ultra-rare three-tone finish '55 Esquire(!) - sourced from Seymour Duncan - was a very close second. Educational show, too. I learned, for example, that the aforementioned Black Strat was originally a 'Big Headstock' from 1970 but as Gilmour didn't like the 'new' p'head shape he had it cut down to Pre-CBS size!


We weren't hanging around but were still in there for 3 1/2 hours. Bought the hardback catalogue to catch up with anything we inevitably will have passed-by which, being a fairly large, high quality, fabulously illustrated tome numbering some 320pages, seemed a bit of a bargain at £35.


Just GO!

You will not be disappointed.



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...Almost hard to believe that Floyd eventually earned this sort of recognition. I suppose its because its 'our' generation's turn...

I was wondering about that, M-E.

There was the Bowie retrospective at the V&A four years ago and the Rolling Stones were given two floors at Saatchi's place but which other UK bands / artists have had such a show? There was an unofficial Beatles tribute in Michigan a while back but that's about all I could find on the 'net.


Which other UK acts deserve such a show? The Who? Clapton? Zeppelin?





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...Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac...

What would be absolutely fascinating (for we nerds) would be to do the extended family tree of John Mayall.

Just think; even if we start with just his guitarists...


Clapton and all the astonishing history which came from that branch.


Peter Green and all the rest of the post-Green Fleetwood Mac output with Welch, Buckingham-Nicks etc.

Green as a solo artist went on to record solo albums with Snowy White who, in turn, went on to tour with Animals-era Pink Floyd and, with Waters, well beyond...


Mick Taylor and, subsequently, The Rolling Stones and all which followed from there.


Think of all the other players who have backed Mayall in the Bluesbreakers such as Paul Butterfield, Aynsley Dunbar, Jon Hiseman, Jack Bruce, Andy Fraser...

It could well be the makings of the show of a lifetime!



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