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Hello All,

I have a 1996 Samick Artist Edition Series G-450, Samick's version of an SG. At the time these came in black, white and wine red. Mine's wine red, a darker, more burgundy looking red. I'd prefer it to look more like Heritage Cherry. Here's what I'm wondering-would letting it sit on a guitar stand in the sunny front window for a while result in the finish lightening somewhat? Or am I wasting my time? Had the red oak floors done in a hardwood finish about ten years ago and they've faded but it was done in an oil based stain, not poly. Also I don't want to wait ten years. Any comment?

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Hi johntrem ---


I also have a wine red Samick Artist Series SG 450 and love it. Here's a pic:


No, it will not fade in sunlight, but they also made that guitar in cherry red as well as wine red.


They seem to turn up from time to time on eBay in the $250 to $350 range, depending on condition. They have neck binding and a more correct body shape, plus to me they sound better than the Epiphone G-400's


I also have a cherry red one that I bought for $100 with a crack in the body. I've repaired the crack, now I'm planning to strip and paint it along the lines of Clapton's "The Fool" SG --- not a copy, but similarly psychedelic.

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