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Do DR500 & AJ45 Masterbilt have the same neck ?


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I have a DR100 and I've decided my next upgrade guitar is going to be an Epiphone Masterbilt, i just haven't decided if its going to be a DR500 or an AJ45.

I'm used to the dreadnought size but does anybody have any input on what the AJ45 will be like compared to a dreadnought and if both these guitars have the same neck anyway.


I don't see what advantage i would have from stereo pick ups in the DR500 but i do like the cutaway but aren't sure if I'm going to be spending much time in the upper frets anyway ?


I do like the traditional look of the AJ45 and its more simple pick up system.


I do have access to both these guitars about 40 miles away from where i live so when i get the chance i will try them out, just not sure if i'll notice too much of a difference.

Im assuming there both the same quality and both solid woods.


Thanks John !

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Hi John,


I own both and I can tell you that they are radically different guitars and feel very different to play.


Square shoulder (with cutaway) versus slope shoulder, longer scale versus shorter scale and the gloss finish against the satin all make a difference to tone and feel. I can't say that I've noticed a difference in the shape of the necks but the contrast in scale lengths and finish is immediately apparant.


Tone wise the AJ45-ME has a much "drier" and "woodier" (if that's a word) sound.


Definitely go and check them both out before you decide and please let us know which one you choose.


Hope that helped a little.

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Sweet thanks for that, I'm going on holiday in October and when i come back i will be committing to purchase but i most likely try them out in the next few weeks.


I take it its the AJ with the shorter scale ?


Only snag is the dr500 i can try out is the natural finish so I'm hoping it won't affect my judgement lol as I'm more into my sunburst.


I mainly sit down playing so wondering how the AJ will sit on my lap compared to the dreadnought.


do you notice any difference regarding the pick ups both played in mono as recording is something i can see myself doing with my next guitar and depends on the day whether or not i get to try them plugged in.


Im gonna keep my dr100 as a travel/spare guitar as its served me well and I've modded it with a shadow sh141 pick up which is very nice but i fancy something a bit higher quality now.

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Yes, the AJ has the shorter scale length.


If you can comfortably play a dread sitting down then you'll have no problems with the AJ.


I rarely plug either guitar in and I've yet to hear any acoustic pickup that properly reproduces the sound of the guitar unplugged, having said that the nanomag on the DR500-MCE does give you more sound options.


As for the sunburst versus natural, well, you're on your own there mate [biggrin]

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I have both in my collection as well, and as said they are different to play and in tone. For some reason the DR500 is in a gloss finish whereas the other Masterbilts are satin; I don't know why. I am not a lover of the satin finish especially with a sunburst top. I have polished my AJ45-ME and the backs and sides of the others. I think that the gloss shows up mahogany and rosewood much better. With the natural top the satin finish is less noticeable so I am not too bothered about that and the wax I use does take the edge off the duller satin finish.


Be careful as you will end up with GAS and get them all.



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