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New pickups day!

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Ordered some pickups for my '99 M.I.M. Fender Stratocaster. Ordered a set of Klein Epic Series 1955 Stratocaster pickups for it. They came in the other day. Super excited for these! My first set of boutique pickups.Been wanting to put new pickups in that guitar for awhile, so I decided on these. Have heard good things about these pickups. Something different to try other than Fender, Seymour Duncan, DiMarzio, Lace, etc. Anybody on her have experience with Klein pickups? Just curious yo see if anyone on here does. Haven't got them installed, yet, but will let everybody know my input when I do. Also got some Fender locking tuners for it, too. Also, decided on a Gibson Angus Young pickup for the bridge and a Gibson 57 Classic for the neck of my Epiphone SG.Those came in last week and I dropped the guitar off to one of my local music stores and got a call that it's ready and will be picking it up tomorrow. So, I will be doing an update on it tomorrow. [biggrin]


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