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Got a big package of Sunbeams from juststrings.com today, but was startled when I opened the package.


DR has always called their PB 12's "medium", maybe because they use 54's rather than the more typical 53's for the low E.


It seems they have now re-designated these as "light" to be consistent with most other manufacturers, at least on the packaging. The DR website still names these as "medium", although the box containing them is clearly labeled "light".


The packaging has changed as well, which threw me a bit. I don't respond well to change when it comes to guitar stuff.


I did check on the DR website to confirm that what I was sent was what I'm used to putting on my guitars.


Just a heads up when you're ordering: make sure the product designation is RCA-12 if you want Sunbeam 12-54's.

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I know you like the Sunbeams with a little age on them, but. . . 'just took a look at the pack that was in the case pocket from a test of a bunch of 12 fret guitars- they (the 12-54's) were marked as "light".


That was July, 2016. ; ).



There seems to be a certain lag time both on the DR website and the sites that sell them, since both still refer to these as "mediums" online.


I buy a fair number of sets at a time, so that I only have to buy every couple of years. That could certainly explain the packaging differences, but the website discrepancies are all on them.

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