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Gibson sg and the bridge pickups


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my guitar has a 498t : ok loud, fat, not really metal, just rock for me


so i have seen some new pickups to find the good one to have a different tone

a brighter sound with a new sg which can be the Angus signature guitar, standard or supreme


tell me what was your experiences with these pickups

considering that the 498t is alnico 5 and 9k ? or more ?


classic 57 (alnico 2) i think that i prefer alnico 5 for a brighter tone


A Young pickup (alnico 5, 14k) : i really don't know if it's really different from a 498t


bb pro lead (alnico 5 8k) = i wanted this one but only 8k ? is it good enough vs the 498t ?


500t (ceramic) i don't know it

not with the sg in the shops

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What amp setup are you using? I have a set of 490R/498T in my SG

playing through a Marshall and 4x12 with G12T75 and G12H100 speakers.

Does everything we play, but is a bit microphonic, although I don't really have an issue with it.

It's definitely brighter than any of my other guitars.

Don't think the '57 will do what you want.

The 500T is also a 3 ceramic magnet unit, but not as much winding as a Dirty Fingers, only 11.4 k.

A Dirty Fingers might though. They are pretty hot. About 14k resistance. (My 498T is 14.2k)

3 ceramic magnets so should be real bright.

Gibson Dirty Fingers

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